ATMIG, which stands for "After the Money is Gone," is a band from Detroit Michigan.  ATMIG is Tobias (vocals/guitar), Julia (vocals), Phil (bass/cello/keys/octave mandolin), Dan (guitar), Jamie (drums) and Emily (violin). ATMIG released its first single "Trip" on April 22, 2017, on a vinyl 7 inch.  ATMIG's first album "Wishes" was released on January 19, 2019.  Both albums were pressed by Jack White's Third Man Pressing and recorded at Soundscape Studios in Royal Oak, Michigan.  The music video for Trip, brought to you by Gravity Red Productions, premiered worldwide on 04.20.2017.

ATMIG's music is loud, soft, raw, produced, and heartfelt.  The band would argue ATMIG's sound is cohesive, notwithstanding sometimes sounding like traditional folk, indie-rock, shoegaze, and even a tid-bit rockabilly.  To hear ATMIG, listen to ATMIG's music or come to a show.  If you go to an ATMIG show, ATMIG will be there.