ATMIG, which stands for "After the Money is Gone," is a band from Detroit Michigan.  ATMIG is Tobias (vocals/guitar), Julia (vocals), Dave (Drums), Phil (bass/cigar box/mandolin), and Otto (bass/chatter). ATMIG released its first single "Trip" on April 22, 2017, on a vinyl 7 inch pressed by Jack White's Third Man Pressing. Trip, and its b-side Pail, were both recorded and mixed by Tim Smith, owner of Soundscape Studios in Royal Oak, Michigan.  The music video for Trip, brought to you by Gravity Red Productions, premiered worldwide on 04.20.2017.

Singer/songwriter Tobias met Otto on craigslist in 2012.  After assuring Tobias that Otto would not require compensation to play bass for ATMIG, Tobias and Otto started practicing together.  In 2016, Tobias rented a music rehearsal space and booked some shows.  Immediately afterward, Otto introduced Tobias to long-time friends, Dave and Julia.  Otto notified Tobias that he would only play really really important shows, not including the shows already on the band's calendar.  Julia introduced Tobias to Phil, who agreed to play the shows for which Otto had the least desire.  After Phil played his first show with ATMIG at the historical Paycheck's Lounge in Hamtramck, Michigan, Tobias asked Phil to be part of the project permanently.  Phil said, "I thought I already was."  Otto randomly appears at shows of his choice, and takes credit for assembling the band to this day.  Otto also introduced Tobias to Darrin, owner of Gravity Red Productions.  Technically, Otto also introduced Tobias to Soundscape Studios, since owner, Tim Smith, is a long time friend of Dave's and, if you recall, Otto introduced Tobias to Dave.

ATMIG's music is loud, soft, raw, produced, and heartfelt.  The band would argue ATMIG's sound is cohesive, notwithstanding sometimes sounding like traditional folk, indie-rock, shoegaze, and even a tid-bit rockabilly.  To hear ATMIG, listen to ATMIG's music or come to a show.  If you go to an ATMIG show, ATMIG will be there.....unless you are going to see Otto play, in which case it's best to text him an hour before start time, but he might be driving and he doesn't always answer if you call him.  To see Otto, it's best to watch ATMIG videos, but not all of them, because Otto isn't in all of them. Oh yeah, most recently, Otto has been saying, "We are all Otto."  You probably know where that comes from.  It's a little creepy, but you still can't help chuckle a little bit.  I am Otto.