Indiecriollo says

ATMIG brings us [Ah Hah] with a very punctual lightness, capable of touching our most sensitive side. The song expresses a change behind all the pain of the business of natural exploitation and how the world changes for interests external to the peace of the flora and the fauna.  In fact, the song begins with a very clear tranquility but then becomes a very strong proposal that hits us very hard so that we can change in some way.

 Phoenixx Music Magazine says: 

Wishes is a spectacular album, through and through. It welcomes the challenges and uncertainty of life with clever lyrics, and fearless optimism to explore. It captivates the listener immediately with an intro that vibes a lost needle among hay, an intro which Elliott Smith would be proud of. The song eludes, “Now I see my shoes, one small step to see what’s ahead…” and the journey begins. “Intro” melts into the uptempo track, “Trip”, which brings forth the intense desire to pop in this CD, go for a long drive and turn up the radio… much like the feeling I get when listening to Bright Eyes’ “Another Traveling Song”. Uptempo jams are mixed with slower songs like “Dictaphone”, which presents lovely harmonies, and beautiful orchestration that layer on top of prancing guitar. Its lyrics question, “…if I sing to you, is the beauty lost or are you aching?” Tobias and Julia’s voices blend just as well as those of Charles Thompson IV and Kim Deal (or Paz Lenchantin, to keep our reference more current!). 

The Stratton Setlist says: 

ATMIG sets the gold standard for rich multi-genre music in Detroit. 

Tattoo says: 

Wishes is well-worth attention because of its unmatched creative originality. 

The HuffPost says:  

“Trip” is an excellent tune: simple and straightforward melody, excellent arrangement and good production values . . . I’d like to see ATMIG drop a full-length album soon. To quote SpongeBob: “I’m ready, I’m ready.”  

Indie Spoonful says:  

“Trip” is a trip down memory lane where parents lie to kids and kids grow up and stop hiding who they are. With great lyrics, strong melodic content and a vibe that everyone can get into, ATMIG will make you forget about life for awhile with an indie-rock-dream-pop magic that will whisk you away "like a rocket in the sun."  

NeuFutur Magazine says:  

There is a certain charisma that is weaved through Trip that will have listeners hanging on to every word. With the same high energy drawing the effort to a close as what it initially began, listeners will be wondering where the time went.