1. Ah Hah

From the recording Ah Hah

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Ah Hah

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On any given day,
They’ll tell you you need something
that will only take away

Everyday at your front door
Is a smiling face
Hiding a predator

Ah hah

What makes them feel alive
Is what makes you bleed
Beautiful dependency

Never want you to die
They’ll save your beating heart
To go right back to start

Ah hah

Let’s engineer our mother,
Keep the water from our brothers,
Point the finger when it hits the fan

Let’s make them suffer,
Blame one another,
Sell them the poison
hide the cure--

Your generosity,
Is just a bill of goods,
Clear cutting all that’s good…

And as you step on me,
I’m stepping on the ones,
Deserving of this song…